UDock turns your smartphone into a Laptop

Wired or Wireless…


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Monitor for Laptops

Monitor for Smartphone

Monitor for Business

Monitor for Game Consoles

At a fraction of the cost of a laptop…

UDock simply works like any other laptop without the steep price. When connected wired or wireless, use UDock’s touchscreen, keyboard, and touchpad to control your smartphone just like a real laptop.

And every time you get a new phone, UDock becomes a new, better Laptop.

Your smartphone is more productive with UDock

Browse the Internet, type and send emails on a bigger screen

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations with MS Office

Add a headphone jack, micro sd slot and USB port to your phone

and it is more entertaining…

Enjoy your apps and social media on a bigger screen

Watch your shows and videos on full screen

Play games using gamepads, mouse and keyboard

No need to sync files, apps, data or your music with your laptop anymore

Discover Some of Our Use Cases

UDock at a glance

Access all your apps on a 14 inch screen - wired or wireless

Type and send emails on a bigger screen and full-size keyboard

6+ Hours of Battery - Charges your phone when wired

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets with MS office

Stay connected via your phone's data, Wifi, and Bluetooth

Watch your shows, play your games on full screen

Add a headphone jack, micro SD slot and USB port to your phone

No driver or app needed. No lag

What the Media Is Saying?

Compatible Smartphones

UDock works with smartphones with “desktop mode” feature.

Samsung, Motorola and Huawei flagship smartphones already support “desktop mode” and it is coming to many other phones with Android updates.